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Barracuda Racing Trike 1.0    
Over the past two years I had been considering building a trike. A carbon fiber racing trike was designed. I decided to build a mostly steel version first using existing parts to get the geometry and steering right before committing it to carbon fiber. 
The trike is now built but will need a summer of testing to see what needs to be tweaked.  Here's the build blog. These two trike pages also explain the whys and hows of trike building.
Battle Mountain 2017    

During the week of September 11th through September 16th 2017, cyclists, engineers and enthusiasts from around the world gathered in the dry lake beds of the Nevada desert in a quest to break the human-powered land speed record on State Route 305 outside of Battle Mountain, Nevada.

The In 2016, the overall speed record was set at 89.59 MPH(144.17 KPH), by Todd Reichert of Team Aerovelo.

See more at the WHPSC at Battle Mountain site!

2016 Human Powered Speed Challenge     

During the week of September 12th through September 17th 2016, cyclists, engineers and enthusiasts from around the world gathered in the dry lake beds of the Nevada desert in a quest to break the human-powered land speed record on State Route 305 outside of Battle Mountain, Nevada.

During this event the overall speed record was reset to 89.59 MPH (144.17 KPH), by Todd Reichert of Team Aerovelo.

See the full results, pictures and stories at the WHPSC at Battle Mountain site!

Warren on the Laid Back Bike Report    

Please join us on September 11th at 2 pm Eastern, when Gary Solomon and the Laid Back Bike Report panel will have a live video chat with special guest Warren Beauchamp. Topics will include my quest for human powered recumbent speed, recumbent building projects, what goes into making a racing recumbent bike, a history of the website, and other exciting topics. In the same broadcast Gary will be speaking with Charles Coyne from the Recumbent Cycle-Con 2016 and Julie Keating from the Chicagoland Unconventional Bicycle Expo (CUBE) 2016.


You can watch the show on the above viewer or click here to go directly to YouTube to watch and live chat with Warren and the panel.

Carbon Fiber Dual 700C Quasi-Lowracer    
The D7CFLR is the culmination of several years of design, building and testing a highly aerodynamic front wheel drive lowracer. This bike is the carbon fiber version of the steel bike I built a few years ago.

Click here for more information about this project

Charles Brown Recumbent Design    

Charles Brown has created four great documents detailing many of the fundamentals and esoterica of recumbent vehicle design. 

  • Bicycle frame design explores different types of recumbent bikes and some good criteria to consider when you are designing a frame.
  • Steering and ride details what makes a recumbent bike handle well.
  • Air drag formula provides methods to determine and reduce the air drag of unfaired recumbent vehicles.
  • Putting It All Together takes the concepts discussed in the previous articles and summarizes them
Wide Eyez Bike Helmet Shield Review    
The Wide Eyez bike helmet shield is an Acrylic plastic lens that attaches to your helmet. It comes in 3 colors, clear, bronze, and dark grey. Graham Hill of Wide Eyez says that the bronze and dark grey shields have a 98-100% UV rating, so they could completely replace sunglasses. It has a nice system to allow it to be flipped up or down and detents make it stay in either position. Read more...
2015 Human Powered Speed Challenge    

Todd Reichert of the Canadian AeroVelo team has reset the top speed record to an amazing 86.65MPH at the 2015 World Human Powered Speed Challenge! 

This yearly event attracts athletes and engineers from around the world combining technology and muscle power to set the fastest flat track human powered speeds in the world. 

Check out the other records set this year

HPV Shell Designer    
Wayne Shook has created an amazing program called HPV Shell Designer which allows Windows computer users to easily create a CAD model of a scale human powered vehicle rider, frame and shell. This allows people to create a fairing that they know will fit them and their bike. This image shows a lowracer frame with a camera bike shell, but users can create trikes, prone bikes, or even upright bike fairing designs. More...
Ralph Koser's Recumbent Cycles    
An article by MIKE ELIASOHN
Ralph Koser has been building and racing recumbent bikes since before I got involved in HPVs. I have vivid memories of him zipping around the track in his micro-liners. Mike has written a great article highlighting the cycles that Ralph has built over the years and here it is:
Ralph Koser's Recumbent Cycles

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