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Ralph Koser's Recumbent Cycles    
An article by MIKE ELIASOHN
Ralph Koser has been building and racing recumbent bikes since before I got involved in HPVs. I have vivid memories of him zipping around the track in his micro-liners. Mike has written a great article highlighting the cycles that Ralph has built over the years and here it is:
Ralph Koser's Recumbent Cycles
Light & Motion bike light reviews    


Light & Motion had a booth set up at the 2014 Recumbent Cycle-Con and I stopped by to check out the lights. The product at the Light & Motion that caught my eye was a lightweight USB rechargeable unit with a separate head and tail light that straps to your helmet. 
I chatted with the booth representative for a while and he also showed me a USB rechargeable tail light which seemed blindingly bright in the convention hall. After the show, the L&M rep gave me the VIS360 and VIS180 bicycle lights and said they would appreciate a review on the products. They seemed like great products and they are made in the USA so I agreed to review them. Read More....

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