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State of the recumbent industry 2009    

I updated the recumbent buyers guide. In doing so,  I found the following:

  • Manufacturers have raised their prices in general.
  • Volae has dropped it's prices.
  • Price of a Velokraft NoCom is through the roof, at almost $10,000 !
  • Sun has an interesting new trike, the M3 UAX.
  • Rans has quietly dropped their triangulated F5 Enduro highracer in favor of the stick bike format for the Enduro and models. Also bowing out are the Rocket and Tailwind models.
  • Route-X has no bikes no sell. Hmm.
  • MITE is gone.
  • Several small trike manufacturers in Australia, including Hotmover appear to be gone.
  • Greenspeed must be Reeeally popular, because all I got on their website was "bandwidth exceeded"...
  • Challenge now has a trike, and it looks... Fantastic!
  • Bacchetta has dropped the Agio and the Cafe,
Indy Fest HPRA racing weekend - April 25-26    

The first HPRA recumbent bicycle races of 2009.  Gas prices are cheap. No excuses!

Indy Fest HPRA racing weekend brochure

English Cycles Lowracer    
Rob English has started his own company called English Cycles, and is now building lowracers and other custom bicycles. His FWD lowracer is partially based on his hatchi design, and has a 700C rear wheel, and 26" front wheel.

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