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2013 Recumbent Industry Update    

In general it seems like manufacturers are raising their prices to keep up with inflation and cutting bike and trike models that do not sell as well. Most manufacturers are now offering e-assist options. Though trikes are selling well, the trike manufacturers are no longer expanding, and most are reducing their model choices. There is a gradual trend toward "big wheel" recumbent bikes. These higher bikes seem to work well for everyone except for the speed hungry recumbent lowracer crowd. 

This year we have lost Organic Engines, Cycle Genius, Radius and Bentech. TW-Bents was sold to EFUN Bikes. Challenge has been sold to Elan. Velokraft is mostly just making e-bikes now.
My look toward the future sees harder times for small manufacturers. Consolidation has already happened (eg: TerraCycle, BentUp), and will continue. Many of the older US recumbent manufacturers are "sole proprietor" shops, and that single person is getting close to retirement. This means some of the classics will no longer be made (eg: Haluzak, Organic Engines). Velomobiles and e-assist are niches that will continue to grow. Fat tires will become more popular. 

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