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State of the recumbent industry 2009    

I updated the recumbent buyers guide. In doing so,  I found the following:

  • Manufacturers have raised their prices in general.
  • Volae has dropped it's prices.
  • Price of a Velokraft NoCom is through the roof, at almost $10,000 !
  • Sun has an interesting new trike, the M3 UAX.
  • Rans has quietly dropped their triangulated F5 Enduro highracer in favor of the stick bike format for the Enduro and models. Also bowing out are the Rocket and Tailwind models.
  • Route-X has no bikes no sell. Hmm.
  • MITE is gone.
  • Several small trike manufacturers in Australia, including Hotmover appear to be gone.
  • Greenspeed must be Reeeally popular, because all I got on their website was "bandwidth exceeded"...
  • Challenge now has a trike, and it looks... Fantastic!
  • Bacchetta has dropped the Agio and the Cafe,

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