Cuda E with RC drivetrain

Castle Creations HV160 ESC Settings

By Warren Beauchamp

RC based e-bike drives trains can be extremely efficient, high powered, and deliver a lot of bang for the buck. Because the RC industry is well established there are a wide range of vendors of products and they enjoy a reasonable price due to the high volumes of production. These systems are not designed for e-bike use, but can be readily adapted.

The combination of a Castle Creations HV160 and a big Astroflight 3210 or 3220 motor are a potent and reliable combination for high performance e-bike use. Here are the Castle Creations HV ICE 160 ESC settings used with the Astroflight 3210 and 3220 inrunner motors.

To change these settings, a Castle Link USB adaptor and the CastleLInk software is required. This also allows you to update the firmware and view the logging data.

6/30/2011 update
Changed cutoff voltage to 38.4V (3.2V/cell)
Changed Motor timing to 3


Credits: I have learned a lot over the past year from Matt Shumaker and from the folks at the Endless Sphere e-bike forums. Thanks to everyone who helped teach me. Learning is a never ending process. The more you know, the less you know you know.

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