Hydro-Bowl 2001
September 29th, 2001
Rock Cut State Park, Rockford, IL

Join us on Rockford's Scenic Pierce lake for a day of exciting HPB (Human Powered Boat) racing events.

If you have an HPB, whether it be a hydro-foil, or a canoe, and you want to race, or if you want to watch some people pedalling madly on boats, this is the event!

This is the 5th year for this event and the 4rd year at this location.  Last year we had 8 HPBs.

Events Begin at 10:00 am

100 Meter Flying Start
200 Meter Slalom
2K Criterium
Bollard pull Competition (Static Thrust)
Drag Race (Time Permitting)
Captains Surprise (to be determined)

Entry fees are anticipated to be between $25 and $35 to help defray the costs of surveying the site...

The site has been surveyed for legal 100 meter speed record runs. Also, we have been working on developing a new laser based timing system that will hopefully be less sensitive to ambient light variations.

Contact Bob Buerger or Warren Beauchamp for current details. U.S. Coastguard approved life vest required.
Helmet recommended
Deep water entry and boat ramps available.
Camp sites available. Contact Rock Cut State Park at 815-885-3311 for reservations.

Take I-90 to Rockford.
Exit West on Riverside. to
Turn Right at Mcfarland (1st light, by McDonalds).
Turn Right at Harlem. Go about 1 mile (over I-90).
Turn left at park entrance.
Turn left again at stop sign. (over I-90 again)
Turn Left at "T" in road.
Turn right at the Red Oak picnic area.

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