CUBE Expo 2016

CUBE Expo 2016

Sept 30, 2016 - An article by Warren Beauchamp

Chris Cortez and I went to the CUBE Expo (Chicago Unconventional Bike Expo) in Tinley Park, IL. It runs Sept 30th through Oct 2nd this year. There were several trike manufacturers and local bike stores present and displaying their latest products.
Mark Egeland from Catrike was there with their latest trike, the Dumont. It is a fully suspended and folding model. Mark showed up the folding process and it only takes about 30 seconds, amazing! The Trike also has small wheels to allow it to be moved easily while in folded mode, and other intricate details that make this a true work of art. Chris took it for a test ride and said that it rides nicely too.

You can click on these images for a bigger picture.

Mark gave me the story behind the Dumont name - Dumont was the Brazilian inventor who created one of the first airplanes. If you watched this year's Olympic opening ceremony they featured Dumont.

Here's the trike in folded mode. Mark said that they over 300 orders for this trike and that they would be shipping soon

ICE Trikes was exhibiting their full line of trikes. I asked Chris Parker, Director of ICE to pose with his favorite trike, and he couldn't pick one, so I had him pose with the one he is trying hardest to market. :-) That would be this one, the ICE Sprint X. It's fully suspended and can be purchased with a hardshell seat as shown, or the mesh seat.

Chris noted that all of the ICE trikes now have updated graphics, and each trike model comes only in it's own signature color. 

The ICE Sprint X had an updated dual durometer elastomer suspension, and the ability to lean the seat further back for better aerodynamics. Here Chris is showing me that each suspension bushing is clearly labeled with the hardness and durometer to make it easier to adjust the rear suspension for optimal performance and minimum pogo.
Here's the ICE booth, and the TerraTrike booth. I couldn't find anybody in the TerraTrike booth to talk to.
There were a few bicycle parts manufacturers present. The one that piqued my interest was Carriage House Cycleworks.  Along with their popular TrikeTable trike stand they had several interesting items including a taillight that fastens to your fender, and a MultiMirror that you wear like a glove.
The mirror was especially interesting because many people in our HPRA recumbent bike races use similar mirrors on the backs of their gloves that they had to make themselves.

This one is better because you can position the mirror so that you can actually see behind you instead of having to lift your hand to see.

These have Velcro tabs to protect the mirror when not in use, and to give it the ability to be placed in a bunch of positions.

Here's the mirror on my wrist and velcroed into the approximate position

These were $18. Chris and I both bought one.

Also at CUBE was Sport Crafters, the manufacturer of a very nice trike magnetic training unit and a trike stand.

In addition the the manufacturers, Amlings bike shop had a large booth with both recumbent trikes and bikes and the Bike Rack had a booth for both it's recumbent offerings and it's Project Mobility adaptive cycles. There were a few e-bike booths to round out the "unconventional".


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