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: These web sites contains information which may cause addictive behavior.

Yes, it's recumbent bicycles and human powered vehicles that I am referring to. You may think that you can get away with just reading about them. Oh. No. Reading leads to perusing, leads to looking, leads to pondering, leads to buying, leads to building, leads to taking perfectly good upright bicycles and hacking them up to build another recumbent. 

I have been publishing HPV related information, documenting my bike projects, racing, creating web pages for other peoples projects, and publishing HPV race results and pictures on the WISIL site since 1996, and in 2003 took over the care and feeding of the entire www.recumbents.com web site. The web site has grown considerably since it's humble beginnings, and I appreciate the many people who have helped contribute to it's rich content. This site is the largest and most informative HPV site in the world!

My real job keeps me busy in the IT Architecture group of a large financial corporation, which means among other things that I create web pages for a job, too.

I've been involved in recumbent bikes and HPVs since 1995, and am working hard to keep it from becoming too much of an obsession. I've been racing unfaired and streamlined recumbent bikes in the HPRA series of races since 1996, first the WISIL club racer called the "WISIL Missile", then my own streamliner, the "Barracuda", and now the Cuda-W.  

My recumbent transportation:
Below are pictures of some of the vehicle that I have or have built.

The Dual 700C carbon fiber quasi-lowracer (D7CFLR) was built in 2016. I really liked the steel dual 700C racer, but wanted a bike that was a bit more aero and lighter.

This picture was taken during the 2016 Northbrook 100 race.

The 2015 Dual 650C Highracer project started off as an easy way to try to get my brother on a recumbent and ended up morphing into a full fledged build project.

 I am try trying really hard to stop building one bike per year.

The Dual 700C Lowracer was built in 2013 to see if I could built a bike that was as fast as the NoCom. Then it was tweaked in 2014 and rebuilt in 2015. After several seasons of tweaking and testing at races, I think it is at least as fast as the NoCom. This picture was taken during the 2015 Northbrook 100 race.
Building of the Chopper/Bobber recumbent e-bike started in 2011 and continued into 2015. It's a full suspension monster of a bike with 26" wheels, fat tires and a roller bent 1.5" frame.
The Velokraft Nocom. I didn't build it but for over 10 years it was my favorite bile to ride on the street and race.

In this picture I'm racing on the velodrome at Brian Piccolo Park in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in February 2011.

The Carbon Fiber Highracer. 21 pounds as shown. Built originally as a stick bike in 2009 and then rebuilt as a Z-frame highracer in 2010.

It's my training bike and I put a lot of miles on it..

I built the quasi-low Barracuda Street Racer 2 in 2009 intending it to be my training bike for the streamliner.  I don't ride it much.
The Cuda-W Streamliner is one of the bikes I race. It is the culmination of work that that I started in 2000, and I am still tweaking it today.

I am currently working on a new front subframe/drivetrain.

In 2007 I built an electric assist recumbent. for commuting to work.

 In 2010 / 2011 I rebuilt it with a higher power RC motor system. This bike handles great and I have been using without the motor for rides with my wife as well as the high speed blasts to and from work.

Built in 2006, the foldracer is a lightweight FWD low racer that can be taken apart and fits into a suitcase. This bike lives on as a tilting trike with Dennis Grelk's tilter unit bolted onto the back end


In 2005 I built a Kayak based HPB. I won some races with it but don't have time for it now. This boat is for sale

There are a bunch of other bikes and boats I have built over the years, here are some of them:

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